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Lubbock Christian University strongly discourages any action which degrades, intimidates, humiliates, or endangers any individual and will not tolerate hazing in any form.  All acts of hazing and any action which violates LCU’s Student Handbook will be addressed accordingly.  God created each person with an inherit value and worth and LCU expects all student organizations and individuals to treat their fellow students accordingly.  Ignorance of Christian principles, cultural meanings, and Texas law will not constitute immunity from appropriate University discipline, including dismissal from the University.

For more information on LCU’s commitment to providing equal access to education for all of our students in accordance with our hazing policy, please review our institutional policy.  Please feel free to direct questions or comments on hazing related issues to the Dean of Students for the university:

Josh Stephens
Dean of Students, Lubbock Christian University

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Hazing Policy

View the full Hazing Policy in the LCU Student Handbook.


Report a hazing violation.