如果你想提高你的专业技能,学习成为一个有创造力和创新精神的专业教育工作者, 你来对地方了. 在拉伯克基督教大学, 欧洲杯投注网站官网致力于通过有效的教学和领导,使教育工作者成为变革的推动者. Our program integrates a Christian worldview to encourage students to have high morals and standards in their work in the field of education. 欧洲杯投注网站官网希望你成为一个致力于儿童福利的变革推动者.

欧洲杯投注网站官网提供的课程是灵活的,允许您以适合您的格式学习课程. 欧洲杯投注网站官网的课程每学期八周, 这些混合课程结合了面对面和在线学习. 欧洲杯投注网站官网的课程由掌握该领域最新研究和理论的教授讲授. 除了, 欧洲杯投注网站官网利用仍在该领域工作的教授来提高您的教育体验的质量. Our program attracts students who are committed to excellence and who will be outstanding professionals when they graduate. 欧洲杯投注网站官网希望你准备好改变孩子们的生活. 

欧洲杯投注网站官网目前为那些对教学感兴趣的人提供课程, 教育领导, 特殊教育, 学校心理咨询, 教育诊断. 如果你致力于成为一名杰出的教育专业人士, 欧洲杯投注网站官网是适合你的项目.



The mission of the Educator Certification Program at 拉伯克基督教大学 is to prepare creative and innovative professional educators with high moral and ethical standards who view themselves as agents of change and who are committed to the welfare of all learners and have the understandings, 的态度, 以及有效教学所必需的技能.



David Boyer于2003年获得德州 Tech University教育领导学博士学位. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics from 拉伯克基督教大学 in 1992 and his Master of Education 来自德州理工大学 in 1996. 他在德克萨斯州获得了6-12年级数学教学的认证,并在德克萨斯州的K-12公立学校担任管理员. 在来LCU之前,Dr. 博伊尔曾在弗伦ship高中任教,后来在同一校区担任建筑管理员. 他是Kappa Delta Pi荣誉社团的成员. 个人简历


Sam Ayers的个人资料照片

山姆·艾尔斯在阿拉莫高地和拉伯克学区教小学. 他曾担任小学、初中、初中和高中校长. Dr. Ayers also served as Assistant Superintendent for Elementary and Associate Superintendent for Teaching and 学习 in Lubbock ISD. He taught undergraduate and graduate education classes at LCU as an Adjunct Professor 1990-2014 before joining the 教师 full-time in August 2014. 山姆·艾尔斯和他的妻子卡拉有两个女儿.


Cathy Box的资料照片

Dr. 凯西·博克斯是教学中心的主任, 学习, and Scholarship (CTLS) at 拉伯克基督教大学 where she also serves as the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) Director, and formerly served as the founding Program Coordinator for the 课程与教学 Master’s Program in the 研究生 School of Education. 她从2008年秋天开始在LCU工作, 在担任CTLS主任之前,她曾担任教育学院副教授. 她有博士学位。.D. 课程与教学, 多学科科学硕士学位, 在拉伯克的德克萨斯理工大学获得理学学士学位, 德州. 她在拉伯克基督教大学的职责是为所有教师提供教师发展和充实计划, 她带领EquipLCU学习学者寻找提高大学课程学习的方法, 她教授研究生课程,重点是加强课堂教学和评估实践. Dr. 博克斯是这本书的作者 美国课堂的形成性评估:改变教与学的景观, 由Palgrave Macmillan于2018年出版,并担任学校顾问, 老师, 以及当地的教职员工, 状态, 国家层面.


Judith Flagle的个人资料照片

Dr. Flagle graduated from the Occupational Therapy Program at 科罗拉多州 State University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in August of 1970. 在她的学士学位课程,博士. 弗拉格尔有幸与布朗博士共事. 纽维尔·凯哈特(Newell Kephart)就职于格伦黑文成就中心. 柯林斯. 在完成她的临床试验后,Dr. 弗拉格尔开始在高平原复活节海豹康复中心工作, 英镑, 科罗拉多州, 1971年1月. She took a half day a week program and within one year had developed a full time program and in three years they had hired a second full time OT to work in the program. Dr. 弗拉格尔参加了一项儿童寻找计划,该计划在科罗拉多州东北部的六个县范围内进行,这是一项资助计划的一部分. Dr. Flagle was also responsible for developing a kindergarten screening program in conjunction with the school district in 英镑 as they were seeing about a 50% rate of repeating kindergarten at that time and wanted to find a way to identify which children might need help before starting school.

1982年5月. Flagle毕业于科罗拉多州立大学,获得儿科职业治疗理学硕士学位. 正是在攻读硕士学位期间,她对感觉统合产生了兴趣,成为了博士. Jean Ayres是一名兼职教员,多次来科罗拉多州立大学. Dr. 弗拉格尔有幸参加了他的最后一门理论课程. Ayres教授感觉统合. 艾尔斯也是她的论文委员会成员. Dr. Flagle's thesis looked at using Sensory Integration versus Perceptual Motor treatment to try and increase the mastery motivation of Down's Syndrome Children.

硕士毕业后,她获得博士学位. Flagle, with the encouragement of several 教师 members at CSU became interested in herself becoming a 教师 member and when 德州 Tech University Health Sciences Center was looking to start their OT program, Dr. 弗拉格尔接受了面试,并成为搬到拉伯克的TTUHSC的第一个儿科教员, 1983年8月的德克萨斯州. Dr. Flagle pursued her doctorate while she was an assistant Professor at TTUHSC and graduated in December of 1990 with a Doctor of Education Degree. 她的论文工作是在德州学校财政改革领域完成的. 在TTUHSC担任教员期间. Flagle还完成了她在感觉整合和实践方面的认证,并成为了一名委员会认证的儿科OT. Dr. Flagle was the recipient of two of the School of Allied Health's Teaching Excellence Awards and three of the Department of Occupational Therapy's Outstanding Teacher Awards during her twelve years at TTUHSC. Dr. 弗拉格尔继续担任这个职位直到1995年1月, 当她离开学术界开始私人执业时. 最初,博士. Flagle was director of the Parenting Cottage as well as providing therapy services and while she was director received a community block development grant and Healthy Families of America Grant to develop community outreach programs in the Harwell area initially and then a six county area around Lubbock. 另外, she was part of the Success By Six Initiative here in Lubbock and did the initial training of 首页。 visitors for this program. 作为她私人执业的一部分. 弗拉格尔不仅私下为儿童提供治疗服务, 但在搬到阿马里洛之前,她还与弗兰ship学区签订了合同. 在这段时间里. 弗拉格尔还为该地区许多较小的学区提供咨询和测试服务. Dr. Flagle became associated with Specialized Therapy Services in January of 2003 when she commuted one day per week to help supervise their COTA's. 正是在这段时间里,凯伦·戴和她讨论了建立一所结合治疗服务的学校. Dr. 弗拉格尔告诉凯伦,如果她开办一所学校, 她将搬到阿马里洛,帮助公司发展,所以在2010年5月, Dr. Flagle made the move to Amarillo and has been working with both the school and therapy program ever since and has served as School Administrator. 在此期间,博士. 弗拉格尔对利用音乐帮助有学习问题的儿童从治疗服务中获益产生了兴趣. She has taken training in and is certified to develop individualized programs for children as part of the Integrated Listening Systems programs and recently completed additional training in using this program specifically with autistic children.


Gene Sheets的个人资料照片

吉恩和妻子, 旋律, 有三个孩子, 布兰登, Holli, 和莱恩, 还有一个孙女, Brynn. 他曾担任阿比林高地基督教堂的执事和16长老 & 穆雷修的D基督教堂.

吉恩完成了他的B.S.Ed. 和M.S.Ed. 来自阿比林基督教大学和Ed.D. 来自德州理工大学. He taught math in Abilene ISD and served as Principal at Abilene Christian High School before becoming Superintendent in Hedley ISD, 汉密尔顿ISD, 在穆雷肖学区当了15年的警长.

Gene was named 德州 Administrator of the Year by the 德州 Classroom Teachers Association in 2009; President of the 德州 Association of Rural Schools from 2010-2013; President of the Muleshoe Rotary Club in 2005; a member of the 状态 policy committee that developed the current accountability system; member of the Legislative Committee for the 德州 Association of School Administrators; and currently the State Director for the Academic Challenge Scholarship Contest for the 德州 Association of Community Schools.



我从1993年开始在LCU工作,并于2012年获得领导学硕士学位. I have returned to my roots in the School of Education and love helping students fulfill their dream of becoming a 德州 certified teacher. 我通过在体育赛事现场看门,积极参与校园社区活动, 做一个社交俱乐部的顾问.